We are Storimarket, a passionate team of entrepreneurs who are committed to two things. Improving incomes for smallholder farmers in Africa and better connecting us to the food we eat. At Storimarket, these goes hand in hand.

We come from a diverse range of backgrounds: international development, business, the public sector, food and hospitality. Most importantly, we are also mums and dads, keen to create a better world for our children.

We have lived, worked and travelled across Africa, by foot, donkey, bike, car...well, you get it. We have a profound appreciation of the continents' beauty and its potential. Potential that will be realised not through aid, but fair and transparent trade.

If you're interested in joining us, please get in touch: We believe that skills can be learned, and experience will come. Therefore, we focus on recruiting people with the right attitude and drive for our mission.

We welcome all interest, but in particular we're looking for:

Retail Partner Leads: charismatic and independent people to improve our engagement with our retail partners and grow our sales