Mission - Vision

Storimarket was born out of twin passions: for food, and for farmers in Africa. Our vision is that fair and sustainable food changes lives - both for farmers and consumers. We therefore make it our mission to connect smallholder farmers and consumers shared values.

Our approach

For consumers, we want to better connect you to the hardworking farmers and producers of your food. We wanted to give you confidence that your food was produced fairly and sustainably. For farmers, we wanted to create a place where the bottom line is not all about price, but about positive impact. We wanted to reward farmers for producing food sustainably.

Our values

  • Direct from small farmers: we connect farmers to customers, with fewer intermediaries
  • Fair and sustainable: we source for positive, social and environmental impact
  • Transparent and authentic: we enable consumers to connect to the people behind their food
  • Healthy and natural: we focus on healthy plant-based food products, made in Africa with natural ingredients
  • Reuse, recycle and restore: we are committed to reusing, recycling and restoring to minimise our impact on the planet.