Storimarket was born out of twin passions. For food. And for farmers in Africa.

For food, we wanted to better connect customers to the hardworking farmers who grew their food. We wanted to share their stories about their ethical and sustainable practices.

For farmers in Africa, we wanted to create a place where the bottom line is not all about price, but about impact. We wanted to reward farmers for producing food in a way that builds their community and cares for the environment.

That’s why we created Storimarket.

Storimarket is the world's first farm-to-fork trade platform for smallholder farmers. Storimarket connects ethical and sustainable smallholder farmers and producers in Africa to retailers who care.

We use technology to offer complete transparency and use stories to communicate the ethical and sustainable impact of using the platform.

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Storimarket Limited is a UK-registered social enterprise (No. 11051416; Address: 24 Cromwell Lane, Maldon, Essex, CM9 4LB)