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Dominic - Macadamia farmer

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Dominic has been growing macadamia for over 40 years, starting with a single tree to shade his coffee trees. Over the years he’s used the money to pay school fees and build houses for him and his family on neighbouring plots of land.

As a farmer whose seen prices go up and down, he prefers working with Ten Senses who regularly visit, provide support and buy regularly. The local Ten Senses outreach worker lives nearby and they have a great relationship. They provide him with seedlings of hybrid varieties, which bear nuts quicker. He now waits only four or five years from planting to first harvest. 

This year Dominic hopes to harvest up to 600kg of nuts, for which Ten Senses will pay him immediately using mobile money. Prices are currently high for macadamia nuts. However, for Dominic, a fair and stable price is better than sky-high prices which later crash.


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