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ZERO GREEN – BRISTOL (Interview with Lidia & Stacey)

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At Storimarket, we champion people that care about the fair trade as much as we do. From our farmers in Africa to our customers in the UK, our mission is to shake up the food chain by cutting out the middlemen, ensuring that our farmers and smallholder producers get a better deal. We’re also want to connect with consumers who value transparency and sustainability.

A considerable part of our mission is to change the way we think, eat and buy food and as a social enterprise, and start-up, we rely on partnerships across the board. Our UK reail partners, where you can buy our delicious, healthy and fairly traded pineapple, mango, cacao and macadamia nuts, are as important to us as our products.

Wanting to give a little back to those likeminded stores, cafes, farm and health-food shops, we've been speaking to ethical pioneers, green-activists and zero waste store owners because fair food does really changes lives.


Founders of Zero Green in Bristol, Stacey and Lidia, talk to us about the importance of connecting with people who grow and produce ethical food, and how buying and consuming healthy and sustainable goods, can create a change in how we consume for a better, greener future.


SM: What inspired you to open Zero Green Bristol?

 S&L: We used to talk a lot about our own wastage and our footprint as consumers. Seeing pictures and footage of plastic in the oceans, damaging ecosystems and animals were an eye-opener! So we decided to start looking for a place like Zero Green to shop at, but there wasn't anything like it at the time, we couldn't believe it, especially in such a green city like Bristol so eventually, we decided to create it ourselves!


SM: What advice would you give to those wanting to shop more ethically and plastic-free?

 S&L: Start one step at a time and focus on the positive impact you are creating with every swap you do instead of thinking of what is left to do. I would start with simple things like bringing with you some reusable bags or a water bottle, try to find a local greengrocer or bulk store that is close to you and try to find plastic-free alternatives locally every time you run out of something.


SM: As you know, we work directly with small-holder farmers based in Africa, and you guys are part of that support network, so why is it important for you to support this farm-to-table philosophy?

 S&L: Our ethos is very much linked to what Storimarket is trying to achieve. We are concerned about our impact on the planet; the products we sell, our impact on the Earth and then people in it. In this case, our relationship between the products and the people growing them and taking care of them is very strong, and we love it. Eventually, it's all about making a connection with food and with people!




SM: What do you like about what Storimarket is trying to achieve?

S&L: We are very happy to have found Storimarket and to work with all of you. The reasons are simple but very meaningful: you bring us products that are delicious, but at the same time we can make the connection with the people that grow them, making sure they get their fair share, and we make our customers happy as well! It is really important to us to work with THE PEOPLE; this means that we like the interaction with Storimarket but also seeing the passion that comes from it to get the stories and the products to the right places. On top of this, we appreciate that you have been very open to listening to our suggestions, especially from a Zero Waste and packaging point of view, which is vital to us.


SM: What do you think about our products?

S&L: We are in love with the flavours of all the products! Especially the mango and the pineapple, and we've had great comments on taste from our customers.

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