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Why you’ll struggle to find an avocado at the University of Cambridge…

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Since a group of academics abandoned the University of Oxford over 800 years ago to set up a new university on the banks of the river Cam, the University of Cambridge has been famous for its independent thinking. This independent thinking has won them over 100 Nobel Prizes. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the University of Cambridge is also leading the way with its Sustainable Food Policy.

The policy, launched in 2017, specifically aims to reduce the impact the University’s catering has on the environment and promote more sustainable production and consumption. This means you’ll struggle to get your smashed avocado on toast, given the environmental impact increased demand for this fruit is causing in Central and South America. And you’ll be encouraged to reduce meat intake, with a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan choices. In December 2018, the University’s 31 colleges signed up. As The Sunday Times succinctly put it:

‘A century ago, students at St John’s College, Cambridge, would feast on swan at formal dinners. When they return next term they might be tucking into tabbouleh and tofu instead.’

Given the University attracts some of the brightest young minds, the policy is a clear indication of what they want the future of food to look like: less meat, less waste, less food miles, more welfare and fairer trade. However, as any conscious consumer knows, it’s not always that easy. By launching the policy, the University understands that it is their responsibility to help consumers make the right choice, and to do so they need to make the sustainable choice easy. They also hope that they are planting a seed from which a whole movement will grow.

Storimarket is proud to be a supplier to University of Cambridge, under its Sustainable Food Policy. By bringing sustainable, healthy snacks from smallholder farmers in Africa to students of the world’s leading university, global - not just local - food issues are being recognised and addressed. Furthermore, Storimarket is grateful for the support it receives from plant scientists, engineers and other experts across the University.

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