Teff, the next big superfood

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Teff, the next big superfood

If you’ve yet to hear about teff, get ready…

This ancient grain from Ethiopia is already well-known amongst health food enthusiasts, but it is about to go mainstream. The Guardian and The Huffington Post have been calling it the next big superfood for a few years. High in fibre, iron, calcium, protein - and gluten free - it's easy to understand why. However, it’s mainly been confined to injera - Ethiopia’s flat bread staple. Until now…


Working as a husband and wife team in Ethiopia, Valerie and Alula decided to harness the nutritional value of teff to create a unique snack. Dirkosh Crunch was born. Dirkosh Crunch is the only gluten- and oil-free crisp that uses this ancient grain, providing a unique exploration into Ethiopia’s vibrant cuisine.

Flavours also take inspiration from the country: Garlic Rich, Fiery Mitmita, Toasty Sesame and Afar Salt. Afar Salt originates in one of the lowest - and hottests - places in Africa. Mitmita is a popular Ethiopian spice mix, containing ground African bird's eye chilies, cardamom seeds, cloves and salt.

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However, for this American-Ethiopian team, simply creating an amazing healthy snack was not enough. It didn’t just have to taste good, it had to do good too! Therefore, Dirkosh Crunch partnered with local farmers’ groups, worked with disadvantaged women’s groups and high school children to make their vision a reality.

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Storimarket is proud to work with Dirkosh Crunch and introduce their healthy crisp to Europe for the first time. As a producer putting people and the planet before profit, they are showing that there is a better, more ethical, more sustainable way for us to enjoy quality food products. In their words: ‘crunch simply, crunch sustainably’.

Storimarket is a marketplace connecting small, ethical producers and farmers from Africa to European consumers. Products from their producers and farmers are available on their online shop.

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