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Simply Green Zero Waste - Interview with Bethan Walker

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We believe that fair food changes lives, and so do our zero waste partners. We've already teamed up with thirty plus retailers, and because they believe in what we do, the collaboration is the perfect fit.

Our partnership with stockist and retailers goes beyond supply and demand. We make it our mission to get to know each independent store owner and their team personally. This may be more time consuming, but in our view, slow-food is good food. 

What the proprietors of ethical, green and zero-waste shops have in common with Storimarket is a shared value that is fair, ethical and has less impact on the planet. We also believe 100% in people and the relationships that form along the way.

We've been speaking to our zero-waste retailers and discover how they help their local and global communities by working with ethical brands to change how we consume.

Up next is Bethan Walker, owner of Simply Green Zero Waste in Nailsea. We chat all things green and zero waste and discuss better consumer ethics.

Bethan Walker Simply Green Zero Waste


SM: What inspired you to open Simply Green Zero Waste in Nailsea? 

BW: Whilst living in Melbourne, I loved using zero waste stores. The shopping experience and the less plastic side of things made me want to make zero waste shopping available in the town I grew up in!


SM: What advice would you give to those wanting to start shopping more ethically?

BW: Start with easy and achievable swaps in your day-to-day life, and it will inspire you to make more and more changes. 


SM: As you know, we work directly with smallholder farmers based in Africa. As a retail partner, you are part of our ‘trade not aid’ and mutually beneficial network, but why is this philosophy to you?

BW: That philosophy is another reason I wanted to start the business. It gives money back to the individuals and communities and ensures they get a fair wage that allows them to live a better life. It is also better for the environment to farm on a small scale, and means that the consumer knows exactly what's going into their food!

SM:  What do you like about what Storimarket is trying to achieve?

BW: I like that you are putting the farmers first and being completely transparent with the process from farm to customer. As a stockist, it makes you feel confident in the product and the company. 


SM:  What do you and your customers think about our products?

BW: The products are incredible! Sometimes a little too good and I find myself stealing bits of mango and pineapple when I get a quiet moment in the shop. The customers love the products and if they buy them once they always come back for more! A few customers have said that the dried mango and pineapple is a great way to get fruit into their kids' diets as a great snack which works really well in packed lunches. A lot of people use the macadamias and the cacao nibs in baking, as they've said they make things so rich without the guilt of chocolate and/or sugar!

It's also important for my customers and me to know that your smallholder farmers are getting a good wage. Your healthy snacks and ingredients are not mass-produced by big corporations, and it's not having a detrimental effect on the environment. 


SM: What's unique about Storimarket?

BW: I love working with Storimarket because you genuinely care about the products you're selling and the people that supply them. Most, if not all of you have met the suppliers and know how Storimarket selling their products affect them personally. It's great to see that we are making a difference in their lives, and not the filling the pockets of some big company! 

SM: We aren't your typical healthy food company, we see you, as a stockist, as important as our farmers, does that come across?

BW: You guys really care about your stockists. Toby always calls me to find out if I need anything and to catch up and then even delivers the products personally (sometimes within minutes of me ordering)! He was actually here the day before I opened helping me fill dispensers, and if that's not a personal service I don't know what is!


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